Vision with detail.

Event Energy Partners delivers on the promise of a well-executed marketing campaign


Big Events:

With our subject matter expertise in alternative transportation, we will present, moderate or facilitate your next meeting, or represent your organization at a conference presentation or as an exhibitor.

Small Events:

We assist with Lunch and Learns, Power Breakfasts, VIP Dinners, Seminars, Classroom Events and Business Networking Socials.

Creative Print and Mailings:

To address the lack of localized project information and contacts for fleet managers looking to convert to alternative fuels, by working with utilities, fleets and fuel providers to compile short case studies, directories, and mentor lists.

Social and Email Marketing:

We can build your digital presence with compelling content, landing pages, CTA’s , tweets and posts, then sort and cultivate your new qualified lead list with interesting emails that add value to your product or service. We are a Hubspot Partner.

Station Grand Openings:

We will provide event support and outreach for fueling station providers and fleets who have make the investment in infrastructure (Grand Opening ). We will take care of the attendee lists, invitations, PR staging and catering, so everything runs smoothly on your big day.

Advertising Campaigns & TV Production

Ready for TV or Podcasts? This is the place to launch your training video, commercial spot or public service announcement. We will help you produce it, plan the media and buy it at the lowest cost.


Fleet Analysis and ROI:

Provide independent vehicle fleet analysis for public and private organizations considering a startup or expansion of alternative fuel vehicles. The result, a comprehensive return on investment analysis focusing on economic and environmental sustainable solutions for all types and classes of vehicles. We review fuel usage, onsite and public fuelling and charging infrastructure, vehicle application, range and much more to recommend the best possible solutions.

State Level Lobbying:

Engage State Level Lawmakers with facts and stories on the economic impact of clean fuel uses, and advocate for support of tax credits that will support the growth of infrastructure and technology adoption. Provide concise talking points. Collaborate with stakeholders to present a unified message.


Building a sponsorship package:

If you need help selling sponsorships for your event or cause, we provide consulting services that identify your assets to build a compelling presentation and then assist team members with a plan of action for developing target lists and sales approach.

Lead Generation & Strategy Consulting:

What’s the best way to jump start your sales efforts? With over 25 years experience in successful selling, we can work with your team to identify the elements that need more emphasis; whether it’s finding the right lead groups, warming up the cold call by “adding value, before asking for value” or utilizing a better sales approach through inbound marketing.


Seminars and Classroom:

Since 2011, we have produced the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Roadshow which has trained over 4000 fleet and sustainability managers. We can develop a customized clean energy curriculum and collaborate with your strategic education partners to enhance their existing programmatic framework. We will create a environment for learning and help you find the audience that you need to teach.

About The C.E.O.

Company CEO, Joy Kramer began selling advertising for a spring training sports publication in Florida in 1990 and soon progressed to FM radio, earning a reputation for building successful ad campaigns around events and entertainment venues like Disney on Ice, Ringling Bros, Harlem Globetrotters, and Busch Gardens.
She moved to Atlanta to work for WSB-TV in 2000 and expanded her skills working on events at Stone Mountain Park and the Rich’s Tree Lighting while writing, selling and producing TV ads.
In 2004 she formed AdVentures to work directly with her clients on ad campaign strategy and sponsorship development for events. Today, as CEO of Event Energy Partners LLC, she still focuses on events (having produced thousands) and advocacy campaigns, but with a specialized focus on clean energy.